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  1. Diane T.
    Diane T.

    You guys have been a God send. I have gastroparesis so I need to eat a good amount of protein a day but can’t have a lot of fiber and also need to control my intake of sugar. The current offering of standard protein bars have a lot of fiber and/or sugar plus a lot of other stuff I don’t want. I heard about you from someone I follow on Twitter so I thought I’d give you a try. I just placed my third order today. The bars are delicious and I love that I control exactly what’s in them. No compromises. Thanks for such a great offering.

  2. Vicki O.
    Vicki O.

    Thanks. This is a really cool product idea. Perfect for a family gift!

  3. Tonya Durante
    Tonya Durante

    Best bars I've ever had. Shipped to my doors within two days of ordering. I will be a ordering again when these are gone!

  4. Mitch Thomas
    Mitch Thomas

    Made me some bars for cheat day that were of the hook!!! Awesome ingredient options.

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