1. John Pitts
    John Pitts

    Great custom blended bar. I give these as Christmas gifts. Always well received. My Momo Gogo recipe is delicious and enjoyed by my children and grandchildren

  2. Blake

    I stumbled on your website and thought it was a really cool idea. I love that I know what ingredients are going into my bars. I decided just to get a variety pack to test out the flavors. So far all of the bars are awesome! Next time I’m going to try the custom order. Great job guys!

  3. MIchael

    After searching all over the internet for a custom protein bar I came across the bar shack. Just received my first order of bars and they are perfect. I made chewy hazelcocoacran bars and I must say that the parts I did were fantastic. All kidding aside these are great. The bar shack has hit it out of the park. Ton of great ingredients to pick from, lots of organic choices too, Choices of even chewy or crunchy or both, great flavor, easy to navigate to create new products, and I got them in 5 days from when I actually made the order (on a weekend no less). Great job and super product. Only thing I might switch up is the ability to double up a specific ingredient In your selection menu like cranberry or tart cherry or something to make it more prominent in the bar. These are 4.99/5 though. Keep up the great work.

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  4. Madison

    Hey! I recently ordered a box of bars with you guys and just wanted to reach out to say it is the absolute best bar I have ever eaten in my life and I am so grateful that you guys are providing such healthy, clean, custom, and delicious sources of nutrients and protein! Especially in self-quarantine times, food can become a super stressful preoccupation, and you guys have made my life so much easier. I cannot wait to order another box of the same as soon as I'm done with the ones I have now!

  5. Wendy

    These bars were handed out at my gym and I thought they were great! Decided to order a batch of my own and they were AWESOME!! Fully support this honest company, and their great products. Thanks again!

  6. Randi

    I told EVERYBODY I know about your cool site----I'm looking so forward
    to trying out my new "food".

    NO more "soy crap" or legumes (pea protein) in stuff--I just stopped
    buying or even bothering to look at snack/protein "hiking" energy

  7. Christie

    What a delicious protein bar! So fresh and tasty. I just ordered some custom bars and some of the flavors The Bar Shack already offers. Love that they’re local too!

  8. Rob L.
    Rob L.

    I have tried Grass Fed Whey protein just in a shake, It’s “clean“, but Tastes awful. So went with better tasting Whey, but it’s not the clean protein I desire. Your bars have both, clean and great taste!

  9. Curtis

    Just discovered this service and have to say I’m very impressed. The website is very user friendly, the choices of ingredients plentiful and ordering is simple. It’s actually quite fun to create your own bar. The product exceeded my expectations! The taste was superb and having your name on the bar was a pretty cool feature ! I’m definitely going to be ordering more ... playing with the ingredients and nutritional values. I highly recommend The Bar Shack!

  10. Bill

    Thank you for making our bars taste great every time. Love all of the nut butter choices.

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