Tutorial: How to Build a ‘Bar Shack’ Protein Bar

Here at The Bar Shack our goal is to make the protein bar customization process as simple as possible.

This tutorial will outline (and simplify) all of the details you need to know in order to customize the perfect protein bar that we will make, and ship directly to you!

How it Works (In a Nutshell)

First, you will choose from one of three formulations;’original’, ‘gourmet’ or ‘cheat day’ bars (more details about each of these options below).

Next you will select the consistency of your bar and choose from among a large assortment of natural, non-GMO, organic, high-quality ingredients.

You can name your bars as well, which is cool. Each package will have it’s own nutrition label showing your ingredients, and why your bars are the bestest, tastiest, and healthiest bars around.

Once you’re happy with your concoction we’ll make your bars fresh by hand, package them in our commercial kitchen, and they’ll be in your fridge before you know it.

Design a box of bars for your sweetheart, for your kid’s lunch, or just for yourself for health conscious post-workout or mid-day meals.

Step-By-Step Instructions

Now let’s take a look at each step to guide you through the ‘build a bar’ process.

Step 1: Select Bar Type

Before choosing the ingredients you’ll need to decide whether you want to create an ‘original’, ‘gourmet’, or ‘cheat day’ protein bar.

Original Bar


‘Original’ Bars ($36/box)

Nothing fancy, just a yummy, wholesome, nutritious bar.

‘Gourmet Bars’ ($42/box)

Cool gourmet nut butters, organics, and lavish treats.

If you’re looking for something simple and healthy, the ‘original’ bar option should do the trick. If you want have some fun and get a little more daring, or try something a little ‘outside of the box’, you can never go wrong with our ‘gourmet’ option.

With both options you can build a bar tailored to your own specific macronutrient requirements.


Real-time Nutrition Chart

Watch the nutrition chart change in real time as you select each ingredient. Now you can have the protein you want without all the extras in mass-produced protein bars. You can choose your carbs and fats for that perfect blend of energy and taste. Need a specific calorie range? No problem, you can fine tune your bars as much as you’d like. It’s fun!

Step 2: Choosing the ‘Base”

Once you are on the ‘Build-a-Bar’ ingredient selection page you will first need to choose the ‘base’ of your bar. This is an important step because it plays a large role in the overall texture, consistency, and macronutrient profile of your creation.

Below is a screenshot of the three protein bar bases you can choose from. Below each image is more information about that option.

soft and datey texture


Dates & Nutbutter

Simply a combination of date paste and the  nut/seed butter and of your choice. ‘Soft & datey’ is well balanced both in terms of texture and nutrition levels, and combines nicely with just about any other ingredient.

soft and chewy texture


Syrup, Dates, Nutbutter

A combination of date paste, a nut/seed butter of your choosing and a ‘binder’ (fiber syrup, clover honey, or coconut nectar). The ratios of ingredients in this option contribute to a chewy texture and allow for more protein powder or flour to be added to the recipe.

nutty-seedy texture


Nutbutter & Syrup

This base contains the highest amount of nut/seed butter compared to the other base options, and therefore is the highest in calories. This texture can be slightly dry due to the lack of date paste, but still soft. 

Step 3: Choose a Nut/Seed Butter

The nut/seed butter you choose in your custom protein bar is important because it not only plays a large role in the overall flavor of your bars, it also contributes plenty of healthy fats and protein.

nut butter options


Almond, Cashew, Hazelnut, Peanut, Sunflower, and more!

You can select up to three different nut butters for each protein bar recipe you create.

Step 4: Choose a Protein Powder/Flour

The protein powders/flours contribute add significant nutrition levels to your bars, and ensure a great consistency by absorbing the oils and other wet ingredients that are in your creation.


A Selection of Vegan and Non-Vegan Option

You can select up to three different protein powders and flours in each box of bars you create.

Step 4: Choose Nuts & Seeds (Optional)

Adding nuts and seeds is a great way to add some different flavors and a crunchy texture to your bars. All of the nut & seed options we offer are organic, with the exception of pistachios.

nuts and seeds


Crunchy, Fresh, and Full of Flavor!

You can select up to two nuts and seeds in each box of protein bars you create.

Step 4: Choose Dried Fruit (Optional)

Adding dried fruit is a great way to add a burst of sweet flavor to your bars. We offer both freeze-dried and sun-dried options (depending on the fruit)


Fresh & Packed with Flavor!

You can choose up to two dried fruit options in each protein bar recipe you create.

Step 5: Choose Texture & Flavor Enhancers

Some of the ingredients in this section will add significant crunch/crispiness, while others will serve as nice blast of flavor.

Texture ingredients


Add some Flavor, Crisp, and Crunch!

You can choose up to 4 ingredients in this section to help improve the taste and consistency of your bars.

Step 6: Choose Flavor Oils (Optional, Gourmet Only)

If you’ve decided to build either a ‘Gourmet’ or ‘Cheat Day’ Bar, you have the option of adding up flavor oils to your bars to get that perfect, unique taste. All flavor oils are made with all natural organic ingredients.

Flavor Oils


Unique Protein Bar Flavor Options 

You can choose up to two flavor oils in your custom protein bar creation.

Step 7: Choose ‘Boosters’

Although some of the options in this section may add flavor to your bars, their primary purpose is to provide a blast of antioxidants, flavonoids, chlorophyll and other nutrients.

Booster options

Time for a BOOST!

You can choose up to 3 ingredients in this section.

Step 8 – Review Ingredients

Congratulations–you’re almost there! All you have to do now is review your ingredient selections, and choose a name for your bar.

Ingredient Review


Have one Last Look…

Is the recipe exactly as you want it? If not, don’t fret–you can easily make changes by scrolling back up the page and adding or removing ingredients.

Step 9 – Choose Package Color & Bar Name

Before adding your creation to your cart, choose the name of your bar and the package color you’d like.

Now add your awesome creation to your cart and we’ll do the rest!


Add the Final Personal Touch

Type a name for your bar and then click on the package color you’d like. The image will show you exactly how your final creation will look!

Need a Little Inspiration?

Checkout some pictures of the protein bars our customers have created. Click the image to enlarge.

To view hundreds of images and recipes created by our own customers, please click here.

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