SheRa – High Protein Chocolate Peanut Butter Bars

Chewy Chocolate Peanut Butter Protein Bars

One of our local Orlando customers came up with this great chocolate peanut butter protein bar recipe. It’s high in protein, low in sugar, and has an awesome chewy texture with a bit of crispy crunch.

We reached out to the customer to ask her what she thinks of the bars–her response is below, along with everything you need to know about the recipe.

Soft & Chewy Texture

The “Soft & Chewy” texture is one of our favorite base options. Whichever sweetener you select (fiber syrup in this example), we combine that with organic date paste.

And the result is kind of like a Quest bar type consistency except not quite THAT chewy.

Why are they not quite as chewy you ask??

(Rant warning…)

Because they (Quest, etc.) use sucralose and other flavorings to make their bars palatable.

Instead of sucralose and artificial sweeteners, we use organic date paste. We also use a higher ratio of nut butter.

So basically they (Quest, etc.) remove the date paste, increase their protein powder content, and use a cheap artificial sugar substitute to improve the flavor.

That’s why they’re able to market the bars as “20g protein!”

Where as our equivalent recipes (Soft & Chewy) are a bit lower in protein, a bit higher in sugar (date paste), but all natural and higher quality.

Make sense? Kinda? Sorta?

It doesn’t really matter…


Clover honey and coconut nectar are both good but the fiber syrup keeps the sugar level down and has less of a ‘sweet’ flavor. It’s also higher in fiber (duh).

Nutrition & Ingredients

Soft & Chewy + Fiber Syrup

Peanut Butter
Whey Isolate
Pea Protein Crisps
Chocolate Chips (Dark)
Cacao Nibs
Sea Salt

Customer Feedback

We reached out to the customer who created this recipe to get her feedback.

Here’s what she had to say…

I did a test of my gut to see what sensitivities I had and I kind of didn’t believe any of it initially. Until I tried making some changes as suggested by the results. My results said I did better with peanut rather than almonds and that was shocking to me. Also cashews were not ideal for me per the test. I was like…noooo because I love both almonds and cashews. I heard about The Bar Shack from my Crossfit Winter Park and Forte Fitness. I usually get bars from them but after the test I decided to give it a shot and make my own bars too. My test results were right. My GI system prefers peanuts ( I’ll save you the TMI). Plus they taste so yum but all bars I’ve had from Bar Shack are so good.  My goal was to have a bar with 9 or less grams of sugar so my trainer would let me have it lol. So that’s how I played with ingredients to make the macros closer to what the CFWP/Forte Fitness bars are. They came out so good. Definitely love how fresh they are, peanut butter and chocolate can’t fail! And I added the pea protein crisps, cacao nibs for texture and more protein. The fiber syrup helps keeps my overall numbers lower and meet my macros. I have tried soooo many protein bars and for the most part they taste weird and have a sand like texture. Or they have sugar alcohols which my stomach doesn’t like. Money wise I don’t think everyone can afford but for me it’s worth it since it’s custom made, delivery is fast and they are quality ingredients. In terms of timing for eating I have them as my nighttime snack before bed with a glass of chocolate almond milk and ascent protein unflavored. Helps keep me satisfied all night and not wake up in the middle of the night to eat. So it’s my one allowed dessert and it’s so awesome because it’s chocolate and I get away with eating it daily!  The name was purely for fun. She-Ra (princess of power, female version of He-Man).

How to Order

When you click the green button below, you’ll be taken to The Bar Shack “Build a Bar” webpage where the same recipe will automatically generate.

From there you’ll have the option to…

  1. Modify the recipe by adding or removing ingredients.
  2. Change the name that gets printed on your protein bar packages.

If you’re satisfied, just “ADD TO CART” and you’re done!

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