Sending Handwritten Cards To Our Pilate Friends!

Handmade protein bars aren’t the only thing we make around here. Lots of handwritten cards leaving The Bar Shack today!

Feeling your best and living a great life requires many components, but two of them are eating well (diet) and staying physically fit (exercise). These cards will be delivered specifically to a handful of pilates studios to show support for healthy, active, successful lifestyles.

Improved core strength, posture, breathing, and mobility are just a few of the benefits from practicing pilates. But guess what?

There’s lots of productive things you can do to get your heart rate up, break a sweat, stay fit, and reap the myriad benefits of regular exercise! You can walk, run, sprint, hike, swim, jump rope, ride your bike, rollerblade, lift weights, play sports, or even climb stairs!

Whatever you enjoy doing, just get out there and get moving! Being active and getting regular exercise isn’t supposed to be complicated. Like most things in life, what’s important is that you’re committed to the activity, consistent, and break a sweat!

When you get hungry, the same thing goes. Stay away from complicated ingredient lists and food products that you don’t understand. Instead, eat something simple and nutritious that hasn’t been heavily processed. Like a handmade protein bar!

Did you know?

We make all of your custom protein bar orders from scratch in our commercial kitchen. There’s no baking or heat involved in the process that we use. Your ingredients are mixed in a bowl, formed into protein bars, then packaged and shipped directly to you. From start to finish, the entire process is done by hand, by a real person. Now that’s fresh!

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