Q & A – Can I Build a Protein Bar with No Sweetener?

Fiber Syrup

Recently we’ve had quite a few emails from new customers asking if it’s possible to make a protein bar without using a sweetener. Unfortunately, the short answer is no, as it’s a crucial component to the overall consistency of your bars. With that being said, there are options for those of you trying to keep the sugar levels of your bars as low as possible. We’ll outline those options below, and explain a little more about sweeteners and their purpose.

Why do I Have to Choose a Sweetener / Binder?

Unless you choose ‘Soft & Datey’ as the base for your protein bar, a sweetener (AKA a ‘binder’) is required. We call it a ‘binder’ (binding ingredient) because it helps hold all of the your bar together. Without a binder it’s very difficult to get a decent texture.

What Sweetener Are Available?

We offer the following sweetener options on all of our custom protein bar pages:

  • Organic coconut nectar – low glycemic, delicious coconutty taste
  • Organic clover honey – high in antioxidants, classic flavor
  • Tapioca (fiber) syrup – very high in fiber, low in sugar, about 60% as sweet as cane sugar.

How do I Keep Sugar & Sweetness Levels Down?

Most people that ask us about building a bar without sweetener are looking for a low sugar option. In order to keep sugar levels the lowest possible, choose ‘fiber syrup’ as the sweetener. We use a product derived from tapioca root that is over 50% fiber and under 3% sugar. By choosing this option along with the ‘Soft & Nutty/Seedy’ base you’ll be able to achieve a high fiber / low sugar bar.

Why Would I Want a Bar With Little Sugar?

If you’re an active & healthy individual that eats a well-balanced diet, you may not need a low sugar protein bar. In fact, athletes and those that are very active may need bars with higher levels of sugar in order to replenish glycogen levels in their liver. However, if you meet one or more of the following criteria low sugar options may be required:

Your body is resistant to insulin – Those who are insulin resistant are unable to metabolize sugars properly and therefore should be eating a bar that has the lowest sugar and highest fiber content possible.

Your primary goal is weight loss – Did you know that when you consume carbohydrates it’s virtually impossible to burn body fat? For this reason, if your goal is to lose body fat you’ll want to cut down on your sugar and simple carbohydrate intake as much as possible.

General health reasons – Although the latest research is pointing the finger at refined sugars as being a contributor to many health problems, many people have started decreasing their overall daily intake of all types of sugars.

You have a chronic disease or illness – Bacteria, viruses, and even cancer feed off sugar. If you are sick or have any chronic illness it may be worth eliminating as much sugar from the diet as you can.

Putting it All Together

Although building a bar without a binder/sweetener isn’t an option at this time, you can create one that is low in sugar and high in fiber by choosing ‘fiber syrup’ as the sweetener option. If you need more help building your own custom bar, please let us know. That’s what we’re here for!

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