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Chia seeds are a popular ingredient found in the ‘Nuts & Seeds’ section of all custom protein bar creation pages. They are a great addition to any bar since they have a relatively neutral flavor and are loaded with nutrients.

What are They?

A small oval shaped seed from a flowering plant called ‘Salvia Hispanica’. Both white and black varieties exist, both grown in Central America.

What do they Taste Like?

Most describe their flavor as slightly nutty, somewhat similar to the flavor of poppy seeds.

What’s the Texture?

Chia seeds won’t have a significant impact on the texture of your bar since they are quite small. Although crunchy at first, they will absorb some of the moisture from other wet ingredients in your bars and become softer over time.

Why are they Good for Me?

  • Great source of fiber (5g per tbs.)
  • High in omega 3’s
  • Easy for the body to digest
  • Contain various antioxidants
  • Contains calcium, manganese, magnesium, phosphorus

Fun Fact: The green grass on Chia Pets is grown by sprouting chia seeds!

Below is a list of protein bars our customers have created that contain organic chia seeds: