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Bee pollen is an ingredient we offer for any of our custom protein bars. It’s in the ‘Boosters’ section of the Build-a-Bar page.

What is it?

The pollen bees collect from flowers. They bring it back to the hive as a source of food for the colony.

What does it Taste Like?

Each batch of bee pollen tastes slightly different since it’s flavor profile depends on the type of flowers the bees have gathered it from. It’s always slightly ‘nutty’, but some batches can have a much sweeter flavor than others.

What’s the Texture?

The bee pollen used in your protein bars is a coarse powder and won’t have a noticeable effect on the texture of your bar.

Why is it Good for Me?

  • A potent source of over 250 biologically active substances
  • Contains high levels of antioxidants
  • Contains anti-inflammatory substances like quercetin
  • Has anti-microbial properties (can kill bad bacteria)

Fun Fact: It takes a bee 16 hours to collect two tablespoons of bee pollen!

All of the protein bar recipes listed below contain bee pollen as an ingredient: