How we Make Your Custom Protein Bars


This is an industrial extruder. It’s a machine that plugs into a wall. It also has lots of buttons and a computer screen. When you hit the green button it can produce 100 protein bars per minute.

That’s 6,000 protein bars per hour. WOW!


This is Jesse. He’s a human who grew up in New York. Sometimes he’s a few minutes late for work and he likes listening to music.

With his pizza cutter and rolling pin he can produce 100 protein bars in about an hour. It’s a lot of work.

real protein bars, made by real people.

Paul's protein bar recipe

If you want protein bars that were made by a machine then you can go to a grocery store, convenience store or gas station. Their shelves are filled with those kinds of products.

If you’d rather have Jesse craft you a fresh box of your own custom protein bars with a rolling pin, while he listens to music, then you come to The Bar Shack.

It’s that simple…

Through our website, you select all of your own ingredients. Then we take those exact ingredients and use them to craft your custom protein bars, fresh from scratch, in the official Bar Shack kitchen.

Made to order. Just for you. By a real person. Guaranteed.

You even get to name your protein bars when you build them. That personalized name gets printed across the front of your custom packages. Watch the video below to see a real example using the, “Yum Yum Bar.”

SEE how they're made

Want to see exactly how your custom protein bars are made? Watch the short video below for a quick kitchen demo!