How it Works

Have you ever walked into Chipotle and ordered a burrito?

Here’s how that process usually works…

There’s an enthusiastic college student standing on the other side of a glass partition. He’s wearing a hairnet and he can’t wait to serve you. His name tag reads: Beanman.

You point at the little metal tubs of ingredients and tell Beanman exactly what you want.

At the end of the assembly line you and Beanman glance up at each other and exchange “the nod.”

That nod of unspoken approval is Beanman’s cue. It means you’ve waived your right to any final requests. If you wanted guac, that was your last chance. There’s no going back now. This is it.

Beanman takes a deep breath, adjusts his stance to shoulder width, points his elbows outward, and leans forward at the hip. In one swift motion, Beanman tenderly wraps your favorite ingredient selections into a precious burrito baby.

You cradle your newborn over to the nearest table, peel back its cozy tin foil blanket, lick your lips, and sink your teeth into that soft little burrito head. Mmm. Delicious.

Here at The Bar Shack we don’t deliver burrito babies. But we do make really scrumptious protein bars.

And the process is similar.

Choose your favorite high-quality ingredients and we’ll use them to make a batch of fresh protein bars. They’ll be made from scratch with kitchen mixers, rolling pins, and pizza cutters. Then we’ll seal them in your custom packaging (you give them a personalized name) and ship them to you.

When you’re choosing the ingredients for your protein bars, you can imagine Beanman standing on the other side of the glass partition. You’re just working your way down the line, pointing at the little metal tubs of ingredients, and telling Beanman exactly what you want.

We can’t wait to serve you.