When you build a box of custom protein bars, you have two different types to choose from. Gourmet or Original. You can’t go wrong with either, but check out the tables below for a quick side by side comparison of the ingredients that are available for both types.

Without having to study the entire list, we can tell you that our Gourmet option has a wider selection of organic specialty nut butters, raw grass-fed why, egg white protein, collagen peptides, and 18 different flavor enhancing oils & extracts.

For a more in-depth understanding of each section and how everything works, please click here.

Nut & Seed Butters

*You may choose up to three (3).

Roasted Almond Butter x x
Organic Roasted Almond Butter   x
Organic Cashew Butter x x
Organic Peanut Butter x x
Organic Sunflower Seed Butter x x
Organic Raw Almond Butter   x
Organic Maple Pecan Butter   x
Organic Chocolate Hazelnut Butter   x


Syrups & Binders

*Selected when you choose your base.

VitaFiber Prebiotic Fiber Syrup x x
Organic Coconut Nectar x x
Clover Honey x x
Organic Date Paste x x


Protein Powders & Flours

*You may choose up to three (3).

Organic Brown Rice Protein x x
Organic Pea Protein x x
Whey Protein Isolate x x
Raw Grass-fed Whey Protein   x
Organic Buckwheat Flour x x
Organic Coconut Flour x x
Egg White Protein   x
Organic Vegan Blend x x


Nuts & Seeds

*You may choose up to two (2).

Organic Almonds x x
Organic Brazil Nuts x x
Organic Cashews x x
Organic Chia Seeds x x
Organic Flax Seeds x x
Organic Hazelnuts x x
Organic Hemp Hearts x x
Organic Peanuts x x
Organic Pecans x x
Organic Pistachios x x
Organic Pumpkin Seeds x x
Organic Poppy Seeds x x
Organic Sunflower Seeds x x
Organic Walnuts x x


Dried Fruit

*You may choose up to two (2).

Apple (freeze dried) x x
Blueberries (freeze dried) x x
Banana (freeze dried) x x
Organic Cranberries x x
Organic Coconut x x
Organic Goji Berries x x
Organic Raisins x x
Organic Tart Cherries x x


Flavor & Texture Enhancers

*You may choose up to four (4).

Brazilian Coffee x x
Organic Brown Rice Crisps x x
Organic Cacao Nibs x x
Organic Cocoa Butter   x
Organic Coconut Mana   x
Organic Coconut Oil x x
Organic Dark Chocolate Chips x x
Organic Maple Sugar Flakes   x
Organic Rolled Oats x x
Organic Pea crisps x x
Sea Salt x x
Vanilla Extract x x
Organic White Chocolate   x
Toasted Coconut x x


Flavor Oils & Extracts

*You may choose up to two (2). Gourmet only.

Chocolate Cheesecake   x
Butter Pecan   x
Mint   x
Shortcake   x
Gingerbread   x
Maple   x
Cookies n’ Cream   x
Pumpkin Pie   x
Caramel   x
S’mores   x
Cookie Dough   x
Cake Batter   x
Cherry   x
Orange   x
Lime   x
Raspberry   x
Lemon   x
Rum   x



*You may choose up to three (3).

Bee Pollen x x
Organic Cacao x x
Organic Chia Powder x x
Organic Cinnamon x x
Organic Flax Powder x x
Organic Ginger x x
Organic Guarana (caffeine) x x
Organic Maca x x
Organic Wheatgrass x x
Collagen Peptides   x