Choosing a Base for your Custom Protein Bars

We get quite a few new customers asking us to help them choose a ‘base’ for their custom protein bars. Determining what’s ‘right’ for you might take a little trial and error, but this post should really help clear things up if you aren’t sure which of our offerings are what you’re looking for.

What’s in the Base?

The base of our protein bars is comprised of three main ingredients:


Dates, fiber syrup, coconut nectar, and clover honey are the options we currently offer. They combine with the dry ingredients to form your bar.

Nut & Seed Butters

Cashew, almond, and sunflower are the three most common options here. They contribute significantly to the flavor and texture of the bars.

Protein Powders & Flours The dry ingredients absorb oils and other liquids helping balance the consistency of your bars.

Whey isolate, pea protein, rice protein, buckwheat flour, and coconut flour are the main options in this category.

If powder or flour were not added to your bars they would be too wet and sticky.

Which Base should I Choose for My Bars?

Since the base ingredients play such a large role in the overall taste, texture, and nutrition profile of your bar it’s important to understand more about each of the options. Now we’ll take a closer look at the three bases we offer:

#1 – Soft & Datey

This is what started it all, and the base we use in our protein bar flavors. It’s comprised of a combination of dates, and a nut/seed butter and protein powder/flour of your choice.

Soft & datey is well balanced overall, and will combine nicely with any ingredient combinations. If you’ve never tried our bars, we recommend starting here.

Base options:

‘Original’ (an even ratio of dates & nut/seed butter), ‘less datey’ (a lower ratio of dates to nut/seed butter), ‘extra datey’ (a higher ratio of dates to nut/seed butter).

Texture: Soft and moist, but not chewy.

Flavor: Relatively neutral when ‘original’ options is selected. More date flavor in the extra datey option, and more nut/seed butter flavor in the ‘less datey’ option.

Nutrition: Overall well balance, highest in carbohydrates of all three options.

Suitability: Essentially anyone. ‘Original’ and ‘less datey’ are both well-rounded bars, good for in-between meal snacks, trips, etc. ‘Extra datey’ make a good snack when faster digestion is needed (athletic events, quick calorie blast before a workout, etc.).

#2 – Soft & Chewy

This option contains dates, a nut/seed butter of your choosing, a ‘binder’ (fiber syrup, clover honey, or coconut nectar), and protein powder/flour of your choice.

Soft & chewy uses a liquid binding ingredient in addition to dates, which allows more protein powder or flour to be added.

Base options: Fiber syrup (lowest sugar options), clover honey, coconut nectar.

Texture: Soft, quite moist, chewy.

Flavor: With a higher percentage of protein powder/flours as well as binders, you will taste these more than in any other bar. For example, if you use a vegan based protein, there may be an earthy taste depending on the other ingredients you choose. If you select clover honey or coconut nectar, their taste will be quite strong.

Nutrition: High in protein, low in sugar (when fiber syrup used), highest in fiber (when fiber syrup used).


  • If you need a high fiber / low sugar bar (fiber syrup)
  • When the goal is to keep protein levels up while maintaining a moist texture.
  • If you love a chewy / moist texture

#3 – Soft & Nutty / Seedy

This base contains the highest percentage of nut/seed butter of all of the bases, and therefore contains the most calories. Because dates are not in this base it can be slightly dry (but still soft). It’s also oilier than the other two bases.

Base options: Fiber syrup (lowest sugar option), clover honey, coconut nectar.

Texture: Very ‘nut/seed buttery’. Drier than the other two options, but still soft. Flavor: The nut/seed butter you choose will be the predominant flavor.

Nutrition: Highest in calories of all three options. Lowest in sugar when fiber syrup selected.


  • Those looking for the most calories per bar
  • Anyone trying to keep sugar levels as low as possible (fiber syrup)
  • Those who prefer more of a ‘nut buttery’ texture, and higher percentage of calories from fat.

Putting it All Together

To determine the base that best suits your needs, it’s important that you establish a primary goal. Is the nutrition profile of your bar the most important factor? or do you want the best texture and/or flavor? Or perhaps a little bit of both… Once you’ve determined what’s most important, use this post to guide you in your quest.

Still in doubt? Shoot us a message and we’d be happy to help you out!

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