Best Tools For Making Perfect Protein Bars at Home

Have you ever seen tools for making protein bars? Neither had we. That’s why we decided to create them for you! Combining “Shack Tools” with our library of free recipes, you’ll be able to form the perfect protein bars at home in your own kitchen!

By keeping the design simple, our goal was to create practical tools that would help you form protein bars more effectively than if you were just using your hands.

Initially we were going to have them made by an independent craftsman here in Orlando but that didn’t work due to our timeline. We wanted to get them done quickly! Instead, we partnered with a local company who helped us get them done.

Each set of Shack Tools consists of two parts that fit together, one male and the other female. Using a CNC computer, the parts were fabricated out of polyethylene, food grade, plastic cutting board material. Making a profit on Shack Tools was not the objective, so even though it was exponentially more expensive, we used the thickest material available, at 1″ thick.

They’re BPA free and dishwasher safe so you don’t have to worry about chemical leaching.

Using Shack Tools is really simple.

Just set the female part (A) on your counter, fill the cavity with your protein bar mixture, then fit the male part (B) into the cavity and push down on part (B) with the palm of your hand. As you exert pressure onto the plunger, your mixture will compress into the perfect protein bar!

When you think your bar is compressed enough, just slide part (A) up over the top of part (B) then remove the finished protein bar from the bottom of part (B). Repeat the process until you’re out of mixture.

Protein bar brands that use higher quality ingredients can be really expensive when you buy them from the store. The cheaper ones are usually, well, cheap.

By making your own protein bars at home you can get the best of both worlds! Save money buying your favorite ingredients in bulk, and use Shack Tools to make them like a pro!

The first 200 sets will be finished by the end of the week and we’ll keep you updated about their availability!

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