How It Works

Here at The Bar Shack we’ve compiled all of our best resources to help you make great tasting, high quality protein bars right at home in your own kitchen!

Here’s how it works:

1. Choose a Protein Bar Recipe (2 options)

Option A – Download Recipes

Browse through hundreds of protein bar recipes that our customers have already created and ordered for themselves. Each recipe page includes pictures and nutrition charts and can be downloaded for free!

Option B – Create Your Own Recipes (Coming Soon!)

Use our fun and simple ‘Recipe Generator’ to create your own protein bar recipes for free! Just select the ingredients you plan to use, and our tool will automatically generate a great tasting recipe, and nutrition chart, that you can print or download for free!

2. Grab Your Shack Tools! (Coming Soon!)

We designed special tools that make it really fun and easy to form your protein bars at home, in your kitchen. You don’t need Shack Tools to get the job done, but they make the process much easier and efficient. Plus they’re just fun to use.

We sell Shack Tools through our website for only $9.99 + shipping.

3. Follow The Guide 

Once you have a recipe that you want to make and you’re ready to get started, just head over to our simple guide and follow the step-by-step instructions for making your protein bars at home!