About our protein bar Recipes

Here at The Bar Shack we only do one thing. We make really delicious protein bars. Lot’s of them!

In 2014 we developed an online service that enables people all over the United States to build their own custom protein bars through our “Build a Bar” tool.

Since then, we’ve spent countless hours in the kitchen experimenting and tinkering with every possible ingredient combination you can imagine.

On our quest to find the perfect ratios, textures and flavors, we mastered the art of crafting really delicious protein bars.

In January 2019 we decided to combine our resources and knowledge to launch the largest online recipe database for protein bars.

Introducing The Bar Shack Recipe Book!

Complete with pictures, nutrition charts and downloadable PDF recipe files, every recipe published to our website was the unique, thoughtful creation of a real person using our online “Build a Bar” tool.

Please feel free to share any recipes that you use, leave ratings and offer input or feedback in the comments section that might be helpful to other users.

By offering this resource for free we hope to inspire healthier lifestyle choices and to make them more easily accessible to everyone.

Enjoy! ~The Bar Shack Team