Grab a box of our official "House Flavors!" Only available here at The Bar Shack. Using handfuls of delicious ingredients, each box is made from scratch at our facility. With eight mouth watering recipes to choose from, you simply can't go wrong. Feel free to add them to your order of custom protein bars or purchase them separately.
Banana bread protein bar
Giving Grandma a run for her money! Our authentic Banana Bread protein bars are packed with dried ba..
Chocolate Brownie Protein Bar
Loaded with creamy organic cocoa powder, organic dark chocolate and fresh walnuts. Our guilt-free Ch..
cinnamon roll protein bar
We start each batch of our Cinnamon Roll protein bars by swirling just the right amount of organic c..
coconut husk protein bar
Island inspiration led to this truly unique combination of shredded coconut, coconut oil, creamy cas..
Cookie Dough Protein Bar
Our Cookie Dough protein bars are a classic combination of eight tasty ingredients. It's that simple..
Lemon Poppy Protein Bar
Our classic Lemon Poppy protein bars are flavored using a unique oil pressed directly from the skin ..
Mint Chocolate Flavor Protein Bars
Like an icy glacier of crunchy chocolate. We start each batch of our Mint Chocolate Chip protein bar..
Peanut Butter Cookie Protein Bar (VEGAN)
Are you a lip smackin' peanut butter lover like us? Meet your new best friend. Big chunks of peanuts..
 Protein Bar Variety Pack
Want to try all of our house flavors? Feeling indecisive? Grab them all! Our variety box contains a ..
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