Whether you're a returning customer or have yet to place your first order with us, you might be curious how your custom protein bars are made. You can see the entire process in action here:

Below is a brief overview of each step involved for orders of 12-500 bars. For larger orders we generally make them using an extruding machine that allows us to make upwards of 20,000 bars a day.

Step 1 - Get Mix'n

After you place your order online, we print out an ingredient card which shows us exactly how many grams of each ingredient need to be added to your mix. A commercial mixer is then used to blend the wet and dry ingredients together, just long enough to ensure uniform consistency. The ingredients must be added in the correct order, and ratio, and cannot be over or under-mixed. The process does not involve baking.

Step 2 - Form 'N Cut

The ingredients are then taken out of the mixer and flattened using a rolling pin in a custom-made mold. They are then cut to size by hand.

*Fun fact -- We've rolled out over 100,000 bars by hand since 2014!

Step 3 - Package 'Em Up!

Once the bars have been formed and cut to size, they are individually packaged by hand. Since they are not run on a machine, we use packages that are sealed on three sides, leaving the fourth side open so bars can be placed inside. Once the bars are in the package we run them through a sealing machine and place them in a box. Once the box is sealed, it's ready to be packaged and shipped to you!

The Secret to The Perfect Protein Bar

The right ratios of each ingredient are key when it comes to the perfect taste and textured protein bar. Fortunately, you don't have to worry about this step as we've spent the last 4 years tweaking things to get them just right. Just pick the ingredients you like, and be prepared to be blown away!