We wanted to make it easy and convenient for you to eat higher quality, better tasting protein bars than what you typically find on store shelves.

We wanted to offer a better option. Something different...

That's why we developed The Bar Shack!

Through our service, your protein bars are made-to-order in our commercial kitchen. And they're only made with the high quality ingredients that YOU choose.

Ordering your protein bars is simple. Here's how the process works:

  1. Choose your ingredients from the "Original" or "Gourmet" menu options.
  2. Come up with a personalized name for your bars. This name gets printed on the front of your bar packages. The nutrition chart for your protein bars will get printed on the back of your packages.
  3. We'll make your bars in our commercial kitchen, package them, and then ship them to your door.

You can order a single box (12 protein bars), or you can order multiple boxes. We're a small team of friends and family who appreciate your business. Thanks!

CLICK HERE to start choosing the ingredients for your protein bars!


If you still have questions, we put together this FAQ page for you.

Here are some pictures from the kitchen.

Here's what other customers are saying.