is the one-stop-shop for custom, high quality, personalized protein bars. Made to order…just how you want ‘em. 

Yup, that’s right, if you’re looking for a high-quality protein bar, you don’t have to waste your time messing around in the kitchen and eating bars out of ziplock baggies. Using our advanced online “Bar Building” tool, you can just tell us which ingredients you want, and we’ll make them for you, package them, and ship them right to your doorstep. Pretty cool, huh?

The minimum order is a single box of 12 bars. Or you can stock up the pantry and order as many boxes as you’d like. At, you can do whatever you want…

Keeping an eye on your macros? We got you. Watch your nutrition chart update LIVE as you add or remove ingredients from your custom recipe. That same nutrition chart gets printed onto the back of all your individual protein bar packages.

Oh, but wait…what gets printed on the front of my protein bars? Glad you asked. The answer? Whatever the heck you want! The last step on the “Bar Building” page is to give your bars a personalized name. We print that across the front of all your bar packages, so choose your words wisely!

Need more help?

Below is a list of resources & tutorials. If you aren't sure where to begin or what type of bar to make you will likely find what you need in one of the pages linked below.

How Custom Bars are Made - A short post and video outlining the entire process, from start to finish.

How to Build a Protein Bar (Overview) - This pages outlines the entire order process from start to finish.

How to Make High-Calorie Bars - A tutorial outlining the ingredient selection process for those looking for a bar with maximal calories and protein content.

How to Make Allergen-Friendly Bars - Tips on building a bar for those with food intolerances, allergies, or sensitivities.

How to Make Date Based Bars - A short tutorial outlining everything you need to know about making a bar with dates or date paste as it's primary ingredient.

How to Make Low Sugar Bars - Learn how to create a bar with low carbs/sugar. Consuming low carb/sugar diets can help you lose weight and get rid of unwanted parasites or yeast overgrowth.

How to Make Low-Calorie Bars - Learn how to create a bar that has the least number of calories. Helpful for dieters, or anyone on a calorie-restricted diet.

How to Make Vegan/Dairy-Free Bars - Detailed instructions outlining the ingredient selection process for those looking to make a bar that contains no animal products.

Tips on Protein Bar Texture - Learn how certain ingredients affect texture, and which to choose to get the perfect textured bar.

This section will expand as we add more content and tutorials. If you have any content suggestions, please send us an email to let us know.