Before you create your own custom bar you must first choose from one of our three signature protein bar options we offer; 'Original', 'Gourmet', or 'Cheat Day'.

For more information about each type of bar, please read below:

'Original' Bar - $36

Our original formulation offers the most basic ingredient options. Nothing very fancy here, just the 'usual suspects' you'd expect to find in a protein bar like roasted nut butter, conventional protein and powders, dates, nuts, seeds, and dried fruit.

We call this these bars 'Original' because they are the same ingredients and formulations we originally used when we started the business in 2014. In fact, we still have customers reordering bars they created from four years ago!

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'Gourmet' Bar - $42

Here you'll find all 'Original' bar options, plus 25 additional gourmet ingredients.

Below is a list of the additional ingredient options:

Gourmet nut butter:

  • *Chocolate Hazelnut
  • *Chocolate Honey Almond
  • *Chocolate Honey Cashew
  • *Maple Pecan
  • *Raw Almond Butter

(* = Organic)

Gourmet protein options:

  • Raw Grass-Fed Whey
  • Egg White Powder

Gourmet Flavor Enhancers

  • *Cocoa Butter Pieces
  • *Maple Sugar Flakes

(* = Organic)

Gourmet flavor oil options:

14 flavor oils

4 flavor extracts

*Read more about flavor oils here

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Cheat Day Bars - $42

If you're looking for the ultimate dessert protein bar with tons of ingredient options, this is the bar for you. The 'Cheat Day' options offer all of the ingredients in the 'Gourmet' section, plus the following sweet treats:

  • *Cocoa Rice Crisps
  • *Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups
  • *Marshmallows
  • *Sprinkles
  • *White Chocolate

(* = Organic)

By combining some of the ingredients listed above with one of 18 flavor oils, you really can create the most decadent concoction you can imagine.

We think you deserve a cheat day!

Click Here to create a 'Cheat Day' formulation  bar

Custom Bar FAQ

Which Bar Should I Choose?

You really can't go wrong with any of the three options. if you are looking for a simple bar without any fancy ingredients or the cost is a concern, the 'original' formulation will fit the bill just fine. If on the other hand you are looking for something more like a dessert or are looking for the most ingredient options, give the 'Cheat Day' or 'Gourmet' bars a go.

How Many Bars Come With Each Order?

There are 12 bars per box. You can increase the number of boxes on the shopping cart or checkout pages. To qualify for free shipping, your cart must reach $99 (USA only).

How Much Does a Box of Bars Cost?

A box of 'Original' bars costs $36. 'Gourmet' and 'Cheat Day' bars cost $42.

Are There Discounts for Larger Orders?

If you order three boxes of custom bars you will automatically receive free shipping. We also offer wholesale options if you are looking to place larger orders (300 or more bars).

Where Can I See Nutritional Information?

You can view the nutrition information on the right sidebar in real-time as you create your bar. Once you place your order, a nutrition chart/ingredients will be on the back of each package.

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