Slow down and enjoy your food at The Bar Shack!

Based out of Chicago IL, we developed a simple tool that enables you to create your own protein bar recipes online. Just select your favorite organic ingredients from our menu options and we'll use them to make you a personalized box of custom protein bars from scratch. You control all the ingredients and nutrition facts for your protein bars, we just make them for you.

We don't have any industrial manufacturing equipment. We don't have any production lines. We don't have any automation systems. And we don't have distribution in any grocery stores. Heck, we don't even have ovens! 

Instead, we just use old-school rolling pins, knives, spatulas, and kitchen mixers. That's because your custom protein bars are made fresh every time you order them, and then they're packaged and shipped directly to you.

Yeah, it's a bit more work - compared to buying mass-produced bars off the grocery store shelf - but that's the point.

Welcome to The Bar Shack.