Since 2014, The Bar Shack has been home to fresh, mouthwatering, custom-made protein & nutrition bars.

Based in Orlando FL, all products are made from scratch with high quality, nutritious ingredients. Just for you!

As the husband and father of an active, on-the-go family, founder Adam Franklin developed the "Build-Your-Own-Bar" concept in response to the widespread epidemic of obesity, diabetes, and other food related diseases that continues to plague families throughout all of North America.

Despite the growing crisis, grocery stores and large corporations continue filling shelves and diets with preservatives, GMO's, processed sugars, and artificial ingredients.

While there's no "magic bullet" solution to these complex issues, Adam and The Bar Shack team are committed to providing higher quality alternatives and supporting healthier, more intelligent choices towards disease prevention and lifestyle awareness.

Taking the time out of your busy day to sit down and consciously choose each individual ingredient that's going into your body, is not only fun and delicious, but also serves as an effective practice for reinforcing basic mindfulness and a healthy, appreciative relationship with your food.

The Bar Shack team looks forward to serving you and mixing up all of your nutritious protein bar creations!